HR-on-Demand Services

With HR-on-Demand Primastep offers a range of specialty services designed to augment your existing Human Resource capabilities. By outsourcing projects and tasks to experienced specialists, you ensure quality results, and minimize execution time.

For growing businesses, the decision of when to add Human Resources personnel can be problematic. You will have some basic administrative needs - and occasional requirement for more sophisticated skills. HR-on-Demand allows you to outsource basic capabilities on a regular basis. This flexibility enables you to grow, and add our Professional Services when they make the most sense. This cost effective model allows you to avoid taking on full-time commitments whereas the business may not yet be ready for. And it keeps you from paying constantly, for skills and expertise you need occasionally.

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"Our boutique nature gives us the ability to offer customized service options with personal attention to meet your human resources consulting and Staffing needs."

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